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Three-Way Catalyst

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Hentek Cat
Model Number:
Minimum Order Quantity:20pcs
Packaging Details:Bubble film + carton
Delivery Time:one month
Payment Terms:Pay before shipment
Supply Ability:5000L/day

Three-way catalysis refers to the catalysis that converts harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx from automobile exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen through oxidation and reduction. Mainly use three-way catalytic converter. The three-way catalytic converter is composed of a carrier, a coating and a package. The carrier is a piece of porous ceramic material, which is installed in a special exhaust pipe. It is called a carrier because it does not participate in the catalytic reaction itself, but is covered with a coating containing platinum, palladium, rhodium and other precious metals and rare earths. It is the most important external purification device installed in the automobile exhaust system. The performance of the catalyst is mainly reflected in the conversion rate, light-off temperature, and aging performance. The conversion rate is generally 85%-100%, the ignition temperature is around 270 °C, and the aging performance is at 950 °C for 30 hours, and the conversion rate is not less than 80%.

Quick Detail:

The technical indicators of catalyst products are: (l). CO purification rate ≥ 95%, (2). HC purification rate ≥ 90%, (3) NOX ≥ 85%, (4). The service life is 160,000-200,000 kilometers, which belongs to the domestic leading level; the catalyst formula has three series: 1). Precious metal catalyst series mainly based on precious metals, supplemented by rare earth and other additives; (2). Rare earth catalyst series based on rare earth oxides, supplemented by precious metals and other additives; (3). A family of catalysts characterized by spherical or shaped supports.

Competitive Advantage:

1. Good dispersion of precious metals;

2. Lower ignition temperature;

3. Good high temperature resistance;

4. Good anti-toxicity

5. Life indicators: 50,000 kilometers for in-use vehicles and 200,000 kilometers for new production vehicles.


Motor vehicle exhaust aftertreatment catalyst and converter

— TWC: Three-way catalyst for light-duty gasoline vehicles (Country II, Country III, Country IV, Country V, Country VI)

Technical parameter

Most specifications can be made, and less commonly used specifications can be customized. The following specifications are for reference.

TypeShapeNumber of holesWall thickness(mm)Outer diameter or long and short diameter range(mm)Height range(mm)Tolerance range(mm)
Straight-through leather carriercylindrical400/60.165±0.02593-143.850.8-152.4±1


Meet user customization

Ellipse, runway type and special type


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