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Diesel Particulate Filter

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:HENTEK CAT Auto Parts
Model Number:
Minimum Order Quantity:20pcs
Packaging Details:Bubble film + carton
Delivery Time:one month
Payment Terms:Pay before shipment
Supply Ability:5000L/day

The DPF diesel particulate trap is installed in the exhaust system of diesel models. Its main function is to capture the particulate matter that enters the exhaust system after diesel combustion through the filter device on the surface and inside of the device to purify the exhaust emissions. It improves the quality of vehicle exhaust emissions, reduces the harm caused by exhaust emissions to the environment, and makes vehicle exhaust emissions meet environmental protection requirements. Diesel particulate filter is a wall-flow honeycomb filter element with special structure and material, which is used in diesel exhaust purification device. Diesel particulate filters can effectively intercept and capture particulate matter (PM) and soot emitted from diesel engine exhaust, typically removing 90% or more of soot.

Material: Cordieritewt%≥9095
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(20-800℃)cm/cm/℃≤1.8*10≤1.2×10-6
Thermal Stability (20-650℃)times≥14
Soften Temperature≥14201435
Compression StrengthLengthwaysMPa1616.8
Specific WeightKg/L0.40-0.550.42-0.52
Water-absorbing rate%23-2523.9

Competitive Advantage:

1. High-quality coating.

2. Filters 95% of Engine-out Soot/PM (Particulate Matter).

3. Universal design, easy installation.

4. Low back pressure levels.

5. Restore diesel engine performance.

6. Polishing and etching are available.

7. Up to Euro VI Emission Standard.

8. Samples are available. For existing products, sampling time is within 2 days.


Motor vehicle exhaust aftertreatment catalyst and converter

— DOC/DPF/SCR: Catalysts for light and heavy diesel vehicles (China III, China IV, China V, and China VI)

Technical parameter

Most specifications can be made, and less commonly used specifications can be customized. The following specifications are for reference.

TypeShapeMaterialNumber of holesWall thickness(mm)Outer diameter or long and short diameter range(mm)Height range(mm)Tolerance range(mm)
Honeycomb Ceramic DPF for Diesel Vehiclescylindricalcordierite, silicon carbide200-3000.23-0.350-33050-350±1.5

Ellipse, runway type and special type

MaterialCordierite / SiC (Silicon carbide)
ApplicationDiesel engine
Shape (cross section)Round / Oval / Square or other customize shapes
Cell Options100 / 200 / 300 CPSI
CoatingCoat with Pt, Pd, Rh base on different demands to meet Euro IV / V / VI standards
Common DimensionsPlease contact our sales consultants to get latest update available dimensions
More InformationAll of our products are customizable.Please feel free to contact our sales consultants to ask any question.
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